Monday, September 23, 2013

Portable Magic Editing Services launch + giveaway

My hiatus has ended up being a lot longer than expected. But it hasn't been because I left the publishing world, but rather that I got even more immersed in it!

I have been working in publishing houses, having spent time in both a Children's and a Big Six publisher. Simultaneously, I have continued working with Rhemalda Publishing as an editor. So I have been spending time with books day and night.

Unfortunately, as some of you might have heard, Rhemalda has closed its doors. Working with them was an absolute dream, and I was very sad to see them go.

Yet it has also pushed me to embark on the next step that I have been wanting to take for a while now: freelance editing. So I am pleased to announce that today is the official launch of Portable Magic Editing Services!

I will be offering manuscript evaluations, substantive editing, partial editing, and submission/publication packages. For more information, including rates and what authors I have worked with have to say about me, please visit

To inaugurate the launch, I will also be holding a giveaway! You will be able to win a partial edit, a submission/publication package, or a 25% off coupon. All you have to do to enter is spread the word. Plus, just for entering, you will automatically receive a 10% off coupon! See more details here.

As for what this all means for the blog, unfortunately the hiatus is not quite over. I do plan to start up blogging again now that I have been working in the industry for a while, but I first want to find my footing with my freelance editing.

So do stay tuned for my hopefully very soon return to the blogging scene. In the meantime, I would love to have the chance to work with you, and entering the giveaway could be the perfect opportunity for you to get a taster of what I do!